Introducing the K1 With Gateron Low Profile Switches

Recently, we've heard some feedback about the K1 blue switch from users. We want to clarify some misinformation with this blog.

When the K1 launched in 2018, the positioning of this product was an ultra-thin mechanical keyboard. There were not many switches to choose from on the market at that time so we decided to use the ultra-slim blue switch of WM brand.

However, we've received much feedback from users since March 2019 that the WM ultra-slim blue switch triggers are too sensitive. We immediately stopped the promotion of K1 and worked to fix the product. Through the joint efforts with WM Company, the low profile blue switch was redesigned with proper sensitivity; more important, the activate and sound stays synchronous. Meanwhile, in order to make it easier for customers to distinguish between old and new switch, we've changed the color from blue to yellow; and named it K1v3. At present, most of the feedback on the K1 V3 yellow switch has been good. You can find the below graph and video for your reference.

Although, with the continuation of Keychron, in view of the good industry reputation of the Gateron switches used for K2, which also meets our demand for a high-quality mechanical keyboard. At the same time, we have been assisting the Gateron team to develop the ultra-slim switches. After half a year of internal testing, we believed that the Gateron low profile switches already meet the excellent consistency and product stability of marketing demand. So we decided to replace the WM low profile switch to Gateron low profile switches. Here we can make sure that the Gateron switch without high sensitivity and the activate and sound stays synchronous.

Both the blue and red Gateron low profile switches are on sale on our website now and you can check it here. You’re also welcome to join our Facebook group to share your comments if you have any feedback and suggestions.