Hidden Bug of K2

We were recently reported with a hidden bug that we feel blessed to discover in early-stage and lead to the progress of our quality check process.

Regarding a recent issue to get § and ± when you type ` (backquote) and ~ (tilde) on K2 wireless mode while using macOS. We gathered up the whole production team and necessary factory suppliers in a few hours to talk face to face.

We finally found the reason and solution to fix it in a few days, and we take this chance to improve our quality check process to ensure all future Keychron keyboards meet our highest quality requirements.

For those who are affected, you can download firmware and install it to fix it (check details here). The firmware is separated for Windows and Mac. If you're using macOS, we're expecting to release the firmware on Dec 24th, you can check back on the day.

We appreciate our passionate supporters.