How to Disassemble the Keychron M1 Mouse and Lube the Scrolling Wheel

If the scrolling wheel is squeaking, please follow the steps below to disassemble the mouse and lubricate the wheel.

Step 1: Please peel off the film on the bottom of the mouse, and then unscrew the two screws with a screwdriver. (Screw type: CB2*6.0 mm)

Step 2: Open the top and the bottom cases carefully because there are three ribbons connecting them. Please do not tear them apart.

Step 3: There is a small buckle where the ribbon is connected, push the small black buckle up to release the ribbon. All three ribbons should be taken out in this manner.

Step 4: After the top and the bottom cases are separated, unscrew the two screws on the PCB.(Screw type: CB2*6.0 mm / CPB2*5.0 mm)

Step 5: Separate the PCB from the bottom case. Be careful as there are buckles on both sides of the PCB. Remove the PCB by pulling the two buckles out respectively.

Step 6: Use a brush to apply lubricant to the two wheel brackets.

Step 7: When you are done lubing the wheel, reassemble the mouse in the same way as you've dismantled it. We've attached a short video for your reference in case you forget or miss the steps.

Before reassembling, read these following tips:

(1) The three ribbons should be installed with their corresponding buckles, please be careful not to install the front and back sides backward. (00:19)

(2) Before closing the cases, you can plug in the charging cable to test whether the light is on and the function is normal. If it lights up and works normally, nothing went wrong with the assembling process, and the top and the bottom cases can be closed. (00:25)