Tip: If you feel the K3 brown optical switch is sensitive, here's a way to make it less sensitive

A few customer are the first time to use the low profile switch, so some of them feel the brown optical switch sensitve for them. If the optical brown switches are too sensitive for you, there is a way to help you make it less sensitive.

Why did this happen?

1. First of all, the optical switch actuation principle is to trigger the signal by light. When the trigger lever is blocked by the light, it sets off its signal generator, which registers the key.

2. When pressed, the keycap will drive the stem and move the trigger rod. When the trigger rod reaches the actuation position and blocks the light, it registers the key.

3. The trigger rod will follow the synchronous movement. When typing one switch fast and frequently, it's easy to make the travel distance closed to the actuation level. It is easy to make the trigger rod block the light and trigger the switch.

4. And also because the actuation travel distance of low profile optical switch is shorter than the normal profile switch. It makes the brown optical switch feel more sensitive for some people.

How to make it less sensitive?

Remove the small spring on the trigger rod to make the brown switch less sensitive.

Here is the guide video:

Q & A

1. Why is the sensitive situation solved by removing a small spring? Will the removal of the small spring affect the original trigger?
The function of the small spring is to keep the trigger rod position fixed and ensure the trigger stroke to not deviate too much. Removing the small spring will increase the actuation travel-distance, making the switch less sensitive.

2. Will the removal have an impact on the switch?
No, because the process of taking the trigger rod out, without taking the switch apart, only affects the interior structure and will not affect the switch's long-term durability.

3. Will the removal of the spring have any change on the pressing force of the switch?
Almost no difference because the switch’s pressing force is determined by the main spring. The role of this small spring is to keep the position fixed and has nothing to do with the pressing force.

Thank you for the feedback from our community. We will continue to incorporate your feedback into our products.