Keychron Keyboard Article Review - March 2024


April 2, 2024


"I've spent the last few weeks with the Keychron Q5 Pro and Q6 Pro mechanical keyboards, and I think they're some of the best bang-for-your-buck full-size keyboards you can get today. The Q6 Pro is a traditional full-size keyboard layout with a NumPad and navigation keys, while the Q5 Pro is a slightly more compact 1800-style layout."


Keychron Q1 Max review: A gorgeous aluminum mechanical keyboard - by Rich Edmonds @XDA Developers


"The Keychron Q1 Max is a new aluminum mechanical keyboard with full wireless capabilities, an internal battery pack, premium Gateron switches, hot-swap support for making the keyboard your own, VIA/QMK software support, and it's built like a tank. Weighing nearly 1.8kg, the Q1 Max is an imposing beast, even as a 75% form factor. While it won't take up much desk space, there's no mistaking the Q1 Max as a Keychron typing machine."


"When you think Keychron, you probably have one of the company's excellent mechanical keyboards in mind, but did you know the brand also makes mice? The Keychron M3 Mini 4K Metal Edition is the current flagship pointer and is available at a reasonable price with decent specifications and a striking ergonomic design. It's almost identical to the normal Keychron M3 Mini 4K but has an outer magnesium shell instead of plastic, which should help provide a sturdier feel without any creaking and flex."


Best Gaming Keyboards Under $100 - by Marc Storch @GameRant


"The Keychron K12 is an excellent example of why Keychron is a fan favorite, with fantastic customization options and an incredible typing experience; this keyboard is perfect for anyone looking for a hot-swappable 60% keyboard."


Best gaming keyboards in 2024 - by Jacob Ridley @pcgamer


"In essence, the Keychron K2 is a handy entry-level mechanical keyboard, and for $69 or so, you can’t necessarily go wrong. Its build quality is decent with a nice bit of weight, and the triple device connectivity is handy if you’re flitting between devices over the course of a working day."


"The average keyboard isn’t customizable, which is a bummer, considering there's often something you end up disliking. Not so with the Keychron V6, a snazzy mechanical keyboard that you can customize from the ground up."


Keychron V1 Max Review: A mighty impressive keyboard at this price point - by Josh Brown @Trusted Reviews


"Keychron has a knack for making quality keyboards at a fraction of the price of the competition. The Keychron V1 Max is another great example of that.""Typing on the Keychron V1 Max is a dream. My unit came equipped with my preferred Gateron Jupiter Browns, needing just a little bit more force to push than the linear Reds. Having a subtle stop before a deep plunge mainly helps with stability, reducing the chance of accidental actuation while my fingers rest on the keys mid-sentence."


Best mechanical keyboards for Mac in 2024: All the mechanical clack for Mac - by Tammy Rogers @iMore


"Keychron has long made some of the best mechanical keyboards in the business, and the Q1 Pro is the culmination of everything the company has learned over its long journey. Taking everything that made previous models brilliant while adding some nice pre-built features, the Q1 Pro is the ultimate tinkerer's keyboard with plenty on board for the less adventurous as well."


Keychron Q1 Max review: cushy, comfortable, costly - by Wesley Hilliard @AppleInsider


"Keycron's keyboards run the gamut from entry models for the mechanical curious to advanced models with more radios and improved chipsets. Q1 Max sits at the top in terms of premium parts and design but isn't as nerdy as the Keychron Q3 Pro."


Keychron V1 Max wireless mechanical keyboard and M3 Mini wireless mouse Metal Edition review – Premium feature-packed peripherals for power users! - by Joe Porletto @The Gadgeteer


"Not being familiar with Keychron as a brand, I was initially prepared to be underwhelmed by their V1 Max wireless keyboard and M3 Mini Wireless Mouse. However, after spending time using them, I’ve become a huge fan. The Keychron V1 Max, for my needs, is the perfect keyboard. From the great design to the quality switches and affordable cost of $94, the V1 Max has everything I’ve been looking for in a workstation keyboard. The M3 Mini Wireless Mouse is a special Metal Edition and is the lightest, most responsive mouse I’ve ever used. Priced at $99, the M3 is also endlessly customizable via Keychron’s software."