Keychron Keyboard Video Review - March 2024


May 18, 2024

Great New iPad Accessories - by DailyTekk

"I've used several Keychron mechanical keyboards in the past, and this is by far my favorite! It's wireless or wired, heavy, and super premium. I mean, this thing is a tank. It's solid, so it's really not something that's meant to be portable, but I got the brown switches. For a mechanical keyboard, that means this is about as quiet as it gets."

I Built My DREAM Home Office - Desk Setup Update (2024) - by Gyasi Linje

"You could always expect Keychron to deliver high-quality keyboards that look and feel sophisticated without breaking the bank. I know it seems simple, but what made me gravitate toward this keyboard was the turquoise escape and Enter keycaps. The carbon black color combined with the double gasket design for a premium typing experience has made this my favorite keyboard to use recently."

BUDGET Tech You NEED in 2024! - by Karl Conrad

"This is their Q5 Max, and what makes this kind of a bit more special is the overall build quality. I think if I put this on a scale, it would be the heaviest and heftiest keyboard that I've ever used. The buttons, or I guess the keys for it, are super solid; there's no weird wiggle. Every single key press that you hit feels like God is touching your fingers. That's a bold statement."

This is THE BEST KEYBOARD I've Ever Owned! Keychron Q3 Max! - by TechnicallyTee

"With being a rookie to this mechanical keyboard lifestyle, I still have a lot to learn about when it comes to them but one thing I do know, out of all the keyboards I've owned, nothing comes close to the Keychron Q3 Max!"

BEST ONE YET Asus ROG Ally - 9 Months Later Review - by CJKnowsTECH

"What I like about the K3 Max is that you can use it wirelessly. You can use it with Apple or Windows; it does have replacement keys with it and includes a dongle, so you get super-fast wireless connectivity for gaming and other purposes."

My 2024 Setup As a Software Engineer - by Luke Made It

"This one is from Keychron, it's the Keychron Q1 Pro, the wireless version, and it's super heavy. It weighs almost 2 kilos, so this thing isn't moving anywhere. I previously had the Logitech G Pro, but I didn't like the plastic feeling of it, so I switched to this, and honestly, I've been super happy with it."

New Keychron keyboards sound so good stock! Q10 Max - by Ty Cottle

"The new waves of Keychron keyboards are incredible. They have an aluminum body and come fully modded and tuned out of the box!"

I really like the Alice keyboard layout! (Q8 Max) - by bigdeeer

"I really like the Alice keyboard layout and this is an upgraded ergonomic model with a 65% Alice layout, all-metal CNC-machined body, and QMK/VIA wireless custom mechanical keyboard compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android."

TECLADO(Q1 Pro) - by hola yeyo

"Recently, I immersed myself in the world of mechanical keyboards and saw nothing more than the keyboard that I just got. It's the Keychron Q1 Pro, made of aluminum and heavy. It's solid with a feature called switches; there are many types which make them sound cool. It's wireless and compatible with Mac and PC. This one comes with a knob that you can remap for whatever you want."