Keychron positive media reviews and genuine feedbacks

Keychron has been named one of the best keyboard brands that provide good usability and unique features that make we received some positive media reviews and genuine feedbacks from various sides.

"Honestly speaking, it was one of the priorities for our team as well, compactness with high usability. "

“The Best accessories for your new 16-inch MacBook Pro” that clearly states that Keychron K2 is one of the only mechanical keyboards that work with the iPad.

‘AppleInsider’ did a full review of K2 stating that it offers way more precision than other apple dome-switch keyboards that are out there in the market.

The review also gives a sneak-peak into a few cool tricks that K2 has to make your typing experience unique and make you fall in love with K2 each time you use it.

Napier Lopez from ‘TheNextWeb’ did a review on both Keychron K1 and K2. He compared both these keyboards and said, “Still, though I prefer typing on the K1 ever so slightly, the K2 definitely gets my vote for aesthetics.”  

 “There aren't many wireless mechanical keyboards on the market, but the Keychron K2 is the best that I've tried.

This keyboard is able to stand alone on the merits of its mechanical key switches and excellent tactile keycaps.”

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