Cherry VS Gateron, which switch should I choose? 

Cherry switches VS Gateron switches is often a popular topic in the mechanical keyboard community. People hold a variety of different perspectives, some like Cherry for the brand history and quality while others prefer Gateron for their innovation and price. However, a point that's commonly overlooked is how people feel about the click feel of the switches on their mechanical keyboard.

Before we start comparing the Cherry and Gateron switches, let's briefly introduce them.

Manufactured in Germany, the most popular Cherry switches series, Cherry MX series, was launched around 1985 and became the switches industry standard.

Gateron introduces various kinds of switches series to meet the demand of customization. Gateron not only has greatly promoted the Cherry switches, but they’ve gained a good deal of market share in the keyboard switches business and has been well recognized for its smoothness and cost-effective value.

And we're back to the much anticipated question:

Cherry or Gateron, which switch should I to choose?

Cherry Red VS Gateron Red 

Red switches are defined as linear switches, offering a classic feel. Cherry red and Gateron red both have the same actuation force, travel, and distinct feel. In general, Gateron red feels lighter and smoother than the Cherry red, though they are more comfortable to use. Some people might think that Cherry reds are slightly scratchy, compared to the Gateron reds, though the difference is subtle. 

Cherry Blue VS Gateron Blue

Blue switches are defined as clicky switches. People who enjoy the clicky response would love having the blue switches. The Gateron blues have a lower actuation force than Cherry blues, requiring less pressure when you press the keycaps. On the flip side, Gateron blues sound sharper and louder while the Cherry blues feel softer and more stable.

Cherry Brown VS Gateron Brown

Brown switches are one of the popular choices amongst mechanical keyboard enthusiasts for its tactile keystroke. Similar to the blue switches, Cherry browns also require little bit pressure to trigger the keystroke. In addition to that, the sound level of Cherry browns are a bit louder than the Gateron browns. Besides, Cherry browns feel nice, solid, and the tactile bump is superb; the least wobbly.

Difference: Smoothness

Gateron is accepted as a significantly smoother switch type. If you compare Gateron and Cherry switches, you will probably find out Cherry is more resistant and feels stiffer when you’re using it. But, some people prefer the Cherry switches' tiff and clicky feel.

Difference: Clicky Feel

Gaterons actuate slightly higher up so they are lighter and more natural to use, whereas Cherrys hold lower actuation yet feels consistent.

As to the overall feel, Gateron switches are smoother and more natural to use than Cherry. The smoother keystroke means there is less friction and Gateron produces slightly less noise than Cherrys do.

On top of that, Gateron has lately introduced several brand new switch series for customization. Their latest product introduced is the Gateron Cap Switches.

If you take a look at both switch stems, you will notice that Cherry makes the stem fit tighter, which leads to a stiffer feel for its users. In addition, the Cherry switch housing bottom is more stable, which lessens any wobbliness and lets you feel more solid and stable when using Cherry switches. 


In conclusion, choosing between Cherry or Gateron is really up to your preference. They are both good at offering what they promised to their keyboard users. But, if you notice today's mechanical keyboard community, you will find that most users prefer the Gateron for its smoothness because that's really what matters to them.