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El mouse inalámbrico Keychron M6 tiene el mejor sensor Pixart 3395. Admite conexión por cable USB, Bluetooth y 2,4 GHz.

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Keychron M6

Wireless Optical Mouse

Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse

Keychron M6 packs all the best features in its super ergonomic, lightweight body. With over ten customizable buttons and wireless 2.4 GHz & Bluetooth 5.1 connection enabled, it offers the best performance to maximize productivity ideal for any scenario!

Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse
Features of Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse

Dual Scrolling Mode

Equipped with two scrolling modes, the top wheel offers convenient switching between the standard middle and the infinite scroll wheel via the top button, providing you with versatile scrolling options right at your control. This flexibility enhances your productivity and creativity in various scenarios.

Dual Scrolling Mode of Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse

Standard tactile wheel

n the standard middle wheel mode, scroll with high precision at each notch for tasks like data analysis, reading posts, zooming in / out your gaming map, and so on.

Infinite Wheel - Frictionless

While switching to the infinite scroll wheel, it feels quiet, smooth, and super-fast, as if friction was non-existent, most applicable when you browse lengthy pages or notification feeds or any tedious information.

The Ultimate Ergonomic Design

Thumb Wheel

The thumb scroll wheel, conveniently located on the side, also serves as a horizontal scroller, providing an effortless way to breeze through wide spreadsheets in Excel or to scrub through video clips.

Tilt Wheel

In addition to standard up and down scrolling, the middle wheel offers two additional dimensions of navigation—tilt it right or left for precise, click-to-click horizontal scrolling.

The Ultimate Ergonomic Design of Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse
One of The Strongest Mouse Sensor of Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse

One of The Strongest Mouse Sensor

M6 has the strongest, most competitive grade mouse sensor chip PixArt 3395, with up to 26,000 DPI, up to 650 IPS, and incomparable gripping precision. Whether for work or gaming, it offers an unparalleled experience.

Stable & Ultra-low Latency Response

2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 5.1

With cutting-edge 2.4 GHz frequency wireless connectivity, the M6 gives you extremely low latency and quick response for gaming and the office. It also offers a stable 5.1 Bluetooth connection for even more variety in your wireless connectivity.

Stable & Ultra-low Latency Response of Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse
Peak Performance For Every Scenario of Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse

Peak Performance For Every Scenario

Precise sensors, extremely low latency wireless connectivity, and a 1000 Hz polling rate give you the best performance for both office , gaming or even on the go.

The Ultimate Ergonomic Design of Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse

The Ultimate Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of M6, featuring a pronounced curve on the top and a thumb rest on the side, conforms more closely to the contour of your palm, ensuring a comfortable grip over extended periods.

Lightweight at 78g

It offers just the right amount of lightness, flexibility, and effortlessness to hold in your hand for extended use.  

Lightweight of Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse
Two Types of Receivers In The Box of Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse

Two Types of Receivers In The Box

We designed the smallest Type-C 2.4 GHz receiver and a Type-A 2.4 GHz receiver for the mouse. You can pick either of them, plug it in, and play instantly.  

Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse

Connect the 2.4 GHz receiver with Type-A port laptops

Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse

Connect the 2.4 GHz receiver with Type-C port laptops

Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse

Connect the 2.4 GHz receiver with desktops via the extension adapter

More Customization on The Keychron Engine

Keychron Engine software allows you to do more personalization, modify keys, set shortcuts, and even your dedicated macros; you can also do professional settings for LOD, polling rate, DPI, etc.

More Customization on The Keychron Engine of Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse

Up To 80 Hours

 80 hours continue using time on a Single Charge

Huano 80M Micro Switch

Huano 80M micro switch deliver clean clicks feeling, and the lifespan is up to 80 million clicks

Adjust Without Software

External DPI & polling rate buttons design, you can adjust DPI & polling rate without software


What's In The Box


屏幕截图 2023-11-11 151518.png__PID:544edec7-9456-43f8-bf14-46c42aa2e7c6
Sensor PixArt 3395
DPI Range100 - 26000
Polling Rate1000 Hz (2.4 GHz / Wired mode)
125 Hz (Bluetooth mode)
Click SwitchHuano Micro Switch
Click Switch Lifespan80 Million Clicks
Lift Off Distance 1.0 mm / 2.0 mm
Motion Sync Support
Mouse FeetTeflon / PTFE
Battery 800 mAh
Weight78 ± 3 g
CableDetachable Type-C to Type-C Cable+ Type-A to Type-C adapter
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.1 / 2.4 GHz / Wired (type-C cable)
System SupportmacOS & Windows
Angle SnappingOn / Off
Keychron Engine Support OSWindows 11/10 and macOS (Software for the macOS will be available in December.)
Material (Body and Grip) ABS

Download the software, user manual, and more

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Pablo LG


Good for small hands

Lightweight, precise, well designed. But, this mouse is small and not comfortable for my size 10/11 hand; the OFF setting is fiddly.

Almost perfect, worth buying

This wireless Keychron mouse has been a joy to use, it is not that heavy and looks nice and discrete. I've been using it for office/gaming work the past few days and it's a pretty decent mouse at both, but not outstanding in either.

I love the infinite scroll and side scroll features, especially for office tasks. Although the main scroll wheel does feel quite heavy, and can be considered loud for an office environment. I also wish the software supported Linux, like their VIA compatible keyboards, but the physical switches on the bottom also do the job.

The mouse does feel cheap and lightweight compared to the MX Master 3S, but it's certainly way better for gaming, especially for its price.

I would definitely recommend this mouse for anyone looking at a cheaper and better performing MX Master mouse, especially those wanting to use it at home for work/gaming.

Frederik V.
love the side wheel

Feels very light. Personally would not mind a bit heavier.
Comes with a great looking cable and the necessary connectors for usb.
Button for infinite scroll right where you want in, but not on the way for normal operation.

Xenokratis Kerasidis

Keychron M6 Wireless Mouse