Ratón óptico ultraligero Keychron M1 (con cable)

SKU: M1-A1


Ratón óptico ultraligero Keychron M1 Ha incluido un cable desmontable de tipo C a tipo C y un adaptador de tipo A a tipo C.

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Nota: el controlador requiere macOS 11 o posterior, Win 10 o posterior.

Keychron M1 Ultra-Light Optical Mouse

All the essential hardware features in an ultra-lightweight mouse that is ideal for any use case whether it’s work, gaming, or anything else.

One of The Strongest Mouse Sensor

Equipped with the strongest, most competitive grade mouse sensor chip PMW3389, with up to 16,000 DPI, IPS of up to 400, and incomparable gripping precision. Whether it is for work or gaming, the M1 offers an unparallel experience.

Ultra-Lightweight at Only 68g

Super light, and weighing at only 68g, it offers just the right amount of lightness, flexibility, and effortlessness to hold in your hand for extended use.

Programmable Custom Keys

You can alter the key commands according to your needs as well as add macros to the mouse to add custom functions based on your personal needs.

Custom RGB Light Bar

The built-in 5 RGB light effects let you match any mood with just 1 click; convenience at its best.

Mac & Windows Support

It supports Mac and Windows system drivers, so no matter what system you are in, you will get full support.

External RGB & DPI Adjustment Button

You can change the RGB light effects and DPI with just a click, no driver or software is needed to adjust the mouse. Quickly adjust the mouse settings without the need for any software.

Lightweight & Flexible Detachable Cable

Its super lightweight braided cable enables long-term use, but also offers enough stability to not affect mouse movements.

Mouse with Type-C Port

The M1's cable is designed to be exchangeable, meaning you can modify the mouse cable yourself with any lengths or materials.

Black Version

White Version


User Guide

Download the driver or firmware, quick start guide, user manual, and more

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