Keychron Q1 FAQ

Q: What's the difference between the fully assembled version and the barebone version?

A: The fully assembled version has the double-shot ABS keycaps and Gateron G Phantom switches, whereas the barebone version doesn't.

Q: What is the barebone version Keychron Q1?

A: The barebone version comes with the Keychron Q1 but does not include the keycaps or switches, so you would need to buy the keycaps and switches and assemble them yourself.

Q: How can I buy a different plate for the Q1?

A: If you want to buy the other plate, not the default aluminum plate, you can go to the add-on page to choose. We have FR4 and PC material plates for sale.

Q: Can I buy a custom badge?

A: Yes, you can design your own custom badge on our website. It costs 30 USD.

Q: What's the warranty policy for the Q1?

A: Because the keyboard is highly customizable and easy to be rebuilt, if anything goes wrong with any of the keyboard components during the warranty period, we will only replace the defective parts of the keyboard, and not the whole keyboard.

Q: I am an ISO layout user. What accessories should I purchase?

A: The Keychron Q1 with the ISO layout is only available in the barebone version. You will need to purchase the ISO barebone version, ISO keycaps, and switches. You will also need to assemble them yourself. We currently have ISO keycaps for UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Nordic countries. 

Q: Why don't you have a fully assembled ISO version of the Keychron Q1?

A:  If we made a fully assembled ISO keyboard available for all the different countries, it would be difficult for us to manage the production and inventory of products. As a result, it might be common for the products to run out of stock and might take a while to restock. So, our solution to making it available to more ISO users in more countries and not run out of stock, we created a barebones version that would make it easier for us to manage inventory and keep the product in stock for ISO users.

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